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Celebrate Jane Austen's birthday with tea

Celebrate Jane Austen's birthday with tea - Beach House Teas
celebrate jane austen birthay

Celebrating Jane Austen's birthday with tea is a delightful and fitting way to honor the beloved author and immerse yourself in the Regency-era ambiance that often features prominently in her novels. Here's a simple plan for a Jane Austen-themed tea party to celebrate her birthday:

1. Invitations:

  • Design invitations inspired by Jane Austen's time, with elegant fonts and floral motifs. Mention that it's a Jane Austen-themed tea party.

2. Tea Selection:

  • Choose a selection of teas. Opt for classic English teas like Earl Grey, English Breakfast, or Darjeeling. Include herbal options for those who prefer them.

3. Tea Setting:

  • Set the scene with a beautifully laid table, complete with fine china, porcelain teacups, saucers, and delicate teapots. Floral and pastel-colored tableware will evoke the period's aesthetics.

4. Decorations:

  • Decorate the space with floral arrangements, lace doilies, and vintage-inspired decorations. You can also display Jane Austen novels or quotes as part of the decor.

5. Costumes:

  • Encourage your guests to dress in Regency-era attire or at least wear something reminiscent of the early 19th century. Bonnets, lace gloves, and empire-waist dresses are great choices.

6. Menu:

  • Prepare a menu that includes both savory and sweet treats. In Austen's time, tea was typically accompanied by an assortment of finger sandwiches, scones with clotted cream and jam, and an array of cakes and pastries. Traditional English tea foods like cucumber sandwiches and lemon tarts are excellent choices.

7. Entertainment:

  • Play classical music from the Regency era in the background. You can also screen movie adaptations of Jane Austen's novels or read passages from her books aloud.

8. Games and Activities:

  • Organize Regency-themed activities such as a trivia quiz about Jane Austen's life and works, or have a "Pride and Prejudice" themed game where guests can act out scenes from the book.

9. Tea Etiquette:

  • Provide a brief lesson on tea etiquette and Regency-era manners. Discuss the significance of tea in Jane Austen's novels.

10. Birthday Toast:

  • Raise a toast to Jane Austen in honor of her birthday and her contributions to literature. Share some of your favorite quotes from her novels.

11. Favors:

  • Send your guests home with small, Regency-themed party favors, such as bookmarks with Austen quotes, miniature tea tins, or vintage-style keychains.

12. Thank You Cards:

  • After the party, send out thank-you cards to your guests expressing your gratitude for their company and participation in the celebration.

A Jane Austen-themed tea party is a charming way to pay tribute to the author and her enduring literary legacy. It allows you and your guests to step back in time and experience the elegance and manners of the Regency era while enjoying the pleasures of tea and good company.

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