Vanilla Chai Tea-Infused Bath Salts

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Step into a world of comfort and tradition with our Vanilla Chai Salt Soak, a luxurious bathing experience steeped in the essence of soft vanilla and spicy clove. Crafted with care and infused with time-honored elements, this salt soak transforms your bath into an aromatic oasis.

The distinctive blend of Pacific Sea salt is enriched with the authentic flavors of cardamom, ginger, and black tea, embracing your senses in a warm and inviting embrace. As you immerse yourself in this aromatic bath, you'll discover a symphony of fragrances that awaken your spirit. The enticing notes of myrrh and invigorating orange blend seamlessly with the spicy ginger, comforting cinnamon, and soothing clove. The subtle hints of caraway seed and sweet vanilla complete this aromatic journey, creating a sensation of sweet and spicy bliss.

Each container of Vanilla Chai Salt Soak is kissed with a touch of Pacific Ocean air, connecting you with the natural beauty of the coastal environment that inspires these enchanting scents. As you soak, let the worries of the day fade away, and the soothing, aromatic embrace transports you to a realm of relaxation.

Indulge in a bathing tradition that's sweet, spicy, and steeped in the essence of vanilla and clove. Elevate your bath to new levels of tranquility with the rich fragrances of Vanilla Chai Salt Soak. It's the perfect way to pamper yourself and make your bath time an experience to remember.


Pure Epsom Salt (Magnesium Sulfate), organic compliant sea salt, Inland Iced Chai Tea, black lava salt infused with activated charcoal, phthalate-free fragrance.