Pacific NW Sunset For Kids

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Let your kids embark on a flavor adventure with Pacific NW Sunset for Kids, a 100% organic, caffeine-free, and sugar-free loose leaf tea blend. This exquisite concoction is a tribute to the stunning sunsets along the Southwest Washington Coast.

Crafted with care, this blend features the soothing embrace of organic hibiscus, rosehips, orange peel, Honeycrisp apples, calendula, and cornflower. It's a harmonious fusion of natural ingredients, like a canvas painted with the colors of a coastal sunset.

To add a touch of sweetness, we've included organic rose petals and organic stevia, making this tea a healthy, great-tasting alternative to the sugary and caffeinated drinks on the market. Enjoy it hot or cold, and let your kids discover the magic of the Pacific NW Sunset for Kids. It's not just a tea; it's a journey through nature's beauty and flavor.


• Organic Hibiscus
• Organic Cornflowers
• Organic Rose Hips
• Organic Orange Peel
• Organic Pacific Northwest Honeycrisp Apples
• Organic Calendula
• Organic & Wild Harvested Rose Petals
• Organic Stevia
• Organic Pure Extracts

How to steep

Scoop loose-leaf tea into infuser (more or less depending on taste)

212° F
Heat fresh water (remember to let it cool for the kids!)

6-8 FL OZ
Pour water over tea

5-6 MINS
Stay close to this steep time for optimal flavor

Use fresh leaves often