Ocean Shores

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Embrace the calming influence of the ocean with our Ocean Shores Tea – inspired by the serene beaches of the Pacific Northwest. This rich and flavor-packed blend is more than just tea; it's a reminder of the tranquil moments you find when walking along the beach, listening to the soothing roar of the waves.

Ocean Shores Tea is designed to be your steadfast companion throughout the day, offering not just a delightful taste, but also a sense of calm and serenity. With each sip, you'll be transported to the peaceful shores of the Pacific Northwest, where the ocean's rhythm and the gentle sea breeze create a haven of tranquility.

Experience the magic of Ocean Shores Tea as it takes you on a sensory journey to the beach, offering a moment of respite and serenity in the midst of your busy day. Let the ocean's embrace wash over you, one cup at a time.


• Organic Hibiscus
• Organic Wild Cherry Bark
• Organic Rose Hips
• Organic Orange Peel
• Organic Lemon Grass
• Organic Spearmint
• Organic Licorice Root
• Pure Extracts

How to steep

Scoop loose-leaf tea into an infuser

212° F
Heat fresh water

Pour water over tea, add milk and sugar if desired

8-10 MINS
Stay close to this steep time for optimal flavor

Use fresh leaves often