Mountain Man Tea-Infused Bath Salts For Men

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For the outdoor enthusiast who lives for hiking the trail, venturing into the mountains, and getting lost in the rugged wilderness, our Tea-Infused Artisan Luxury Beach Bath Salts are your gateway to reliving those memorable weekends with friends. Crafted in small batches and infused with the essence of organic, small-batch tea, these bath salts transport you back to the heart of your most cherished outdoor escapades.

Drawing inspiration from the Pacific Northwest's lush forests, these salts offer a sensory journey through the great outdoors. The blend encompasses invigorating notes of fresh air, aromatic pine, delicate orange blossom, sweet violet, earthy moss, warm musk, amber, and the comforting scent of wood. Each scent is thoughtfully selected to recreate the essence of nature and capture the essence of your favorite destinations.

Moreover, these bath salts feature a delicate kiss of Pacific Ocean air, further immersing you in the coastal and mountain landscapes that inspire your adventures. Whether you're reminiscing about hiking through the Cascades, camping under the stars, or fishing in pristine glacier-fed streams, our Trailblazer Bath Salts help you relive these cherished moments.

Transform your bath into an olfactory adventure that revives your outdoor spirit. Soak in the memories of past journeys and prepare yourself for the new trails and experiences that await. With the Trailblazer Bath Salts, every bath becomes a return to the great outdoors.


Pure Epsom salt, organic Mediterranean sea salt, organic black peppercorn, organic basil, organic lemon verbena, organic cedarwood essential oil, organic rolled oats.