Fiery Forest

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Transport yourself to a world of warmth and sunshine with our Fiery Forest Herbal Blend. Crafted with care, this 100% organic caffeine-free blend offers a sun-kissed citrus flavor and a delightful hint of spice. It's the perfect escape from long rainy days, offering a sensory journey that's reminiscent of hiking the forest floor after the morning dew.

As you sip on Fiery Forest, you'll be enveloped in a sense of rejuvenation and vitality that will uplift your spirits. It's more than just tea; it's your passport to a world of natural beauty and warm, comforting moments.

Indulge in the magic of Fiery Forest Herbal Blend, and let it be your companion for moments of sunshine and escape. Whether you're a nature lover or a daydreamer, this tea promises to make every cup a journey to the heart of the forest.

• Organic Chamomile
• Organic Lemon Verbena
• Organic Orange Peel
• Organic Rosemary
• Organic Pacific Northwest Cedar Tips
• Organic Cinnamon Chips
How to steep

Scoop loose-leaf tea into an infuser

212° F
Heat fresh water

6-8 FL OZ
Pour water over tea

12-15 MINS
Stay close to this steep time for optimal flavor

Use fresh leaves often