Toes In The Sand Iced Blend

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Toes in the Sand iced blend is 100% organic loose leaf herbal iced tea blended with lemongrass, lemon verbena, rose hips with a twist of orange. This soothing blend is great for long barefoot walks on the beach and feeling the toes between the sand. Delicious both iced and hot, this blend will have you running to the beach.


• Organic Lemon Balm
• Organic Lemongrass
• Organic Lemon Verbena
• Organic Oat Straw
• Organic Rose Hips
• Organic Skullcap
• Organic Orange Peel

How to steep

Iced Tea Method
1/2 oz depending on taste (approximately 5 tsp)

32 FL OZ
Pour water over tea in filter

1-3 HOURS in the sun
2-4 HOURS in the refrigerator

Combine in lidded jar, strain and enjoy!

Hot Tea Method
1 heaping tsp (more or less to taste)

212° F
Heat fresh water and pour over tea

10-12 minutes steeping