Olympic Mint Green Iced Blend

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Olympic Mint Green iced blend is 100% organic leaf tea blended with green rooibos tea, jasmine flower, peppermint, and lime peel. Mint has an intoxicating fragrance that brings out the sweet scent of jasmine. The twist of lime adds a refreshing top note to make taking in the summer's day a treat or a great way to end a day of hard work. 


• Organic Green Rooibos
• Organic Jasmine Flower
• Organic Pacific Northwest Peppermint
• Organic Lime Peel

How to steep

Iced Tea Method
1/2 oz depending on taste (approximately 5 tsp)

32 FL OZ
Pour water over tea in filter

1-3 HOURS in the sun
2-4 HOURS in the refrigerator

Combine in lidded jar, strain and enjoy!

Hot Tea Method
1 heaping tsp (more or less to taste)

212° F
Heat fresh water and pour over tea

5-6 minutes steeping