Timberland Meadows

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Timberland Meadows Tea is a harmonious blend of nature's finest, crafted to whisk you away to the peaceful meadows of the Cascade mountain range. This 100% organic tea is thoughtfully curated to offer a refreshing and relaxing experience, reminiscent of those enchanting fall hikes through the heart of the wilderness.

As you sip on Timberland Meadows Tea, you'll be transported to the heart of the wilderness, where the crisp fall air and the scent of cedar fill your senses. This sparkling reddish-brown brew magically melts away the stresses of the day, leaving you refreshed and rejuvenated.

Indulge in the pure serenity of nature with Timberland Meadows Tea. Order now and experience the tranquility and flavors that only the Cascade mountain range can provide. Let your taste buds wander through the meadows, one soothing cup at a time.


• Organic Rooibos
• Organic Chamomile
• Organic Pacific Northwest Lavender
• Organic Pacific Northwest Cedar Tips


Scoop loose-leaf tea into an infuser

212° F
Heat fresh water

6-8 FL OZ
Pour water over tea

5-6 MINS
Stay close to this steep time for optimal flavor

Use fresh leaves often