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Celebrate World Pear Day on Dec 2 with tea

Celebrate World Pear Day on Dec 2 with tea - Beach House Teas
Celebrate national  pear day

World Pear Day is a wonderful occasion to celebrate the delicious and versatile fruit that is the pear. Pears can be a delightful addition to a tea party or tea-based celebration. Here's how you can celebrate World Pear Day on December 2 with tea:

  1. Pear Tea: Choose our pear-flavored tea Arch Cape Dark. Indulge in the captivating essence of our Arch Cape Dark Pear Tea, a delightful infusion that combines the earthy richness of black tea with the sweet, succulent notes of perfectly ripened pears. With each sip, you'll be transported to the serene coastal town of Arch Cape, where the misty sea breeze mingles with the enchanting aroma of ripe pears

  2. Tea Selection: Set up a variety of teas to cater to different tastes, including black, green, herbal, and white teas. This way, your guests can choose their preferred pear-infused tea.

  3. Tea Accompaniments: Provide a selection of tea accompaniments that pair well with pears. Consider serving scones, pastries, and finger sandwiches with pear-themed fillings or toppings.

  4. Fresh Pears: Include fresh, ripe pears in your spread. You can slice them for easy snacking or create a pear fruit salad to complement the tea.

  5. Pear Desserts: Prepare or purchase pear-themed desserts, such as pear tarts, pear crumbles, or pear sorbet.

  6. Decorations: Decorate your tea space with pear-themed decor, such as pear-shaped tableware, napkins, and centerpieces.

  7. Pear Games and Trivia: Engage your guests with pear-related games or trivia to make the celebration more interactive and fun.

  8. Pear-Themed Gifts: Consider giving pear-themed gifts or party favors to your guests, such as pear-scented candles, pear-shaped mugs, or pear jams.

  9. Tea Education: Take some time to educate your guests about the various pear varieties, their origins, and the health benefits of consuming pears.

  10. Share the Pear Love: Encourage your guests to share their favorite pear recipes or pear-related stories during the event. This can be a great way to foster a sense of community and appreciation for pears.

Remember to document the event with photos and maybe even create a hashtag or social media event page to share your celebration with others who love pears. Enjoy your World Pear Day tea celebration on December 2!

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