5 lb artisan small batch loose leaf tea

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We're passionate about creating delicious teas and herbal blends using only the finest organic or wild-harvested ingredients. We begin by sourcing our ingredients from quality local farms, foragers, and distributors supporting Pacific Northwest agriculture and our values.

You will never find synthetic ingredients, "natural flavors" or non-natural preservatives and additives in our tea blends and many of our other products. Any "flavoring" we add is 100% pure extracts, which extracts the flavor of the source ingredient.

Great as samplers, filler in gift baskets, and stocking stuffers. 

5 lbs are packaged in 1 lb bags for optimal freshness.

A 10% discount is given on 5lb purchases per pound as compared to buying 1 lb individual blends.

Bag dimensions: 10.2” X 7.1” X 3